Unleash the wisdom of crowds into every mobile app.

the app

Crowd's Feed is a new publication channel designed for mobile and for you.

Crowd's Feed turns every mobile app into a vivid community. Explore content posted by people who use the same apps as you do.

How it works?

Upon installing Crowd's Feed, an icon is added as a floating layer above the other apps in use on your device. Tap the icon from any app to open Crowd's Feed which presents content of users who also tapped the icon from the same app.


  • Build a community around your App
    Add Crowd's Feed to your app as a built-in social layer using just a few lines of code. Unleash the wisdom of crowds into your app to increase user engagement.

  • How it Works?
    Once our SDK is integrated with your app, an icon appears in a floating layer above your app. As your users tap the icon, Crowd's Feed opens and presents content of users who also tapped the icon.

  • Main Advantages
    1.Get to know your users and find out what matters most to them
    2.Increase user engagement
    3.Add unique rich media to user feeds in sections & articles of your choice


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